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Renesas DSP attack

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Renesas is one of the leading suppliers of the embedded semiconductors, in the design and manufacture of the wireless network, automotive, consumer and industrial markets. Now Beijing Sichip can offer the Renesas DSP attack service, help you to get the data of the chip. 

R5F2138CXJFP  R5F2136CZKFP  R5F21546EKFP  R5F21546FKFP R5F21567EJFP
R5F2136AWKFP  R5F21348ZJFP  R5F21347XJFP  R5F21348UDFP R5F213G5DNSP
R5F21344MDFP  R5F21364MDFP  R5F21183DD    R5F21194DSP  R5F2123CJFP  
R5F212B8SNFP  R5F21355CDFP  R5F21388SDFP  R5F212H1SNSP......

R5F64610JFP  R5F6460ELFP  R5F6461EKFP  R5F64515KFD  R5F64535KFD 
R5F6452MJFD  R5F6451NJFD  R5F6453MLFD  R5F64563KFD  R5F6456GJFD 
R5F6457FLFD  R5F6456HKFD  R5F64206JFB  R5F6442FLFB......

M30260F3AGP  M30263F8AFP  M30260F8TGP  M30262F4GP    M30262F8GP
M30280FCHP   M30281FATHP  M30281FCBHP  M30281M8-XXX  M30280FCBHP
M30290FAHP   M30291FCTHP  M30290MCT-X  M30291MC-XXX  M30291M8V-X
M30620SPGP   M30621FCPGP  M30622F8PGP  M30624FGPFP......

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