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Extract mcu LPC2142 HEX or BIN file

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Extract mcu LPC2142 HEX or BIN file

We are a company do chip decryption. We mainly work on IC reverse analysis such as micro controller decryption, chip crack, MCU attack, DSP reverse. The chip decryption department professionally handles the work of micro controller reverse, chip decryption, GAL logic circuit crack, CPLD crack, recovery of microcode.And we can do PCB OEM, your broad can be copy with my engineer technology. If you have any need, please contact us.

Part of models for your reference:

LPC2105  LPC2141  LPC2368  LPC2134  LPC2294  LPC2129  LPC2212
LPC2131  LPC2214  LPC1311  LPC1342  LPC1343  LPC1767  LPC1114
LPC11U36FBD48   LPC11U37FBD48  LPC11U35FHN33  LPC11U24UK
LPC1785 LPC1787  LPC2294  LPC2368   LPC2146  LPC2923  LPC1313
LPC2292   LPC2366 L PC11U00    LPC11U12FBD48   LPC11U12FHN33

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