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Microchip IC crack

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Microchip Technology Inc. is a leading provider of microcontroller and analog semiconductors, providing low-risk product development, lower total system cost and faster time to market for thousands of diverse customer applications worldwide. 

Beijing Sichip, as a leader of crack MCU filed, has rich experience to crack the microchip of almost all series. Here, I list part of the microchip we can crack:

PIC12C508A  PIC12C509A  PIC12C508   PIC12509  PIC12LC508  PIC12LC509
PIC12LC508A  PIC12LC509A  PIC12LF508  PIC12LF509  PIC12LF510  PIC12F675
PIC12F508  PIC12F509  PIC16F505  PIC16F506  PIC12F675  PIC12F683
PIC16F684  PIC12LF683  PIC12F609  PIC12F615  PIC12F635......

PIC16LF505  PIC16LF506  PIC16LF72  PIC16LF73  PIC16F72  PIC16F73
PIC16F74  PIC16F76  PIC16F77  PIC16LF74  PIC16LF76  PIC16LF77
PIC16F716  PIC16F648A  PIC16F941  PIC16LF882  PIC16F627A......

PIC18F2525  PIC18F2550  PIC18F2539  PIC18F2553  PIC18F2580  PIC18F2610
PIC18F4221  PIC18F4320  PIC18F4321  PIC18F4331  PIC18F4410  PIC18F4420
PIC18F4423  PIC18F4431  PIC18F4439  PIC18F4450  PIC18F4455  PIC18F4458
PIC18F4480  PIC18F4510  PIC18F4455  PIC18F4458  PIC18F4480......

dsPIC30F2010  dsPIC30F2011  dsPIC30F2012  dsPIC30F3011  dsPIC30F3012
dsPIC30F3013  dsPIC30F2020  dsPIC30F2023  dsPIC30F6010A  dsPIC30f3014
dsPIC30F4011  dsPIC30F5011  dsPIC30F5013  dsPIC30F5015......

PIC24FJ64GA310  PIC24F04KA201  PIC24F16KM104  PIC24FJ64GB002  PIC24F04KL100
PIC24FJ64GB004  PIC24F04KL101  PIC24F16KM204  PIC24FJ64GB106  PIC24F08KA101
PIC24FJ16GA004  PIC24F08KL402  PIC24F08KL200  PIC24FJ16MC101  PIC24FJ64GC006
PIC24FJ64GB110  PIC24FJ32GA002  PIC24FJ128DA106  PIC24F08KM101......

dsPIC33EP256GM306  dsPIC33EP256GM310  dsPIC33EP256GM604  dsPIC33EP256GM706 
dsPIC33EP256GM710  dsPIC33EP256GP502  dsPIC33EP256GP504  dsPIC33EP256GP506 
dsPIC33EP256MC202  dsPIC33EP256MC204  dsPIC33EP256MC206  dsPIC33EP256MC502  
dsPIC33EP256MC504  dsPIC33EP256MC506  dsPIC33EP256MU806......

Because of the technology development, we can not list every chip we can crack. For specific mode number, you can touch me any time.

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