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M3062JFHVGP mcu reverse

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The M16C/62P Group (M16C/62P, M16C/62PT) of single-chip microcomputers are built using the high performance silicon gate CMOS process using a M16C/60 Series CPU core and are packaged in a 80-pin, 100-pin and 128-pin plastic molded QFP. These single-chip microcomputers operate using sophisticated instructions featuring a high level of instruction efficiency. With 1M bytes of address space, they are capable of
executing instructions at high speed. In addition, this microcomputer contains a multiplier and DMAC which combined with fast instruction processing capability, makes it suitable for control of various OA, co mmunication, and industrial equipment which requires high-speed arithmetic/logic operation.

We rely on advanced technology, dedicated spirit and a strong electronic technology team, provide professional single chip MCU, CPLD, SPLD, PLD, DSP decryption, PCB high simulation, the principle diagram of the PCB/BOM/forward and reverse design, the company after ten years of exploration practice out an independent development path for tens of thousands of scientific research institutions, enterprises and individual product output of our technologies and services. We adhere to "service customer", provide one-stop service for manufacturers. Timely delivery is our advantage; Integrity management is our aim; Professionalism and focus are our commitments. Welcome to your inquiry, we will offer the best service for you. Skype: techip.mcu.01.


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