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AT91SAM7S321 mcu reverse

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The AT91SAM7S321 is a low pincount Flash microcontroller based on the 32-bit ARM7TDMI RISC processor. The AT91SAM7S321 features 32K bytes of embedded high-speed Flash with sector lock capabilities and a security bit, and 8K bytes of SRAM. The integrated proprietary SAM-BA Boot Assistant enables in-system programming of the embedded Flash.

The AT91SAM7S321's extensive peripheral set includes a USB 2.0 Full Speed Device Port, USARTs, SPI, SSC, TWI and an 8-channel 10-bit ADC. Its Peripheral DMA Controller channels eliminate processor bottlenecks during peripheral-to-memory transfers. The AT91SAM7S321's System Controller manages interrupts, clocks, power, time, debug and reset, significantly reducing the external chip count and minimizing power consumption.

In industrial temperature, worse case conditions the maximum clock frequency is 55MHz. Typical core supply is 1.8V, I/Os are supplied at 1.8V or 3.3V and are 5V tolerant. An integrated Voltage Regulator permits single supply at 3.3V. The AT91SAM7S321 is supplied in a 64-lead LQFP or QFN Green package. It is supported by an Evaluation Board and extensive application development tools.

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