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Abot TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard Developer’s Guide

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  TI offers the engineers a guide on TMS320 DSP Algorithm. This document is intended for DSP

algorithm producers who want to take an existing algorithm software module and make it compliant to the TMS320 DSP Algorithm Standard (referred to as XDAIS throughout the rest of this document)。The procedures outlined will show the algorithm producer how to prepare and/or rework the existing algorithm, create the standard interface files required for compliance using a Code Composer Studio plug-in tool, and then run the final deliverables through another pre-compliance Code ComposerStudio plug-in tool for immediate feedback.

DSP system integrators or XDAIS consumers should not follow the procedures outlined in this document, as it only applies to producers of algorithm software components. XDAIS consumers should refer to the application note,A Consumer's Guide to Using eXpressDSP-Compliant Algorithms (SPRA810), instead of this user's guide.

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